PLM is our core business and we find it to be a very rational, creative and rewarding field to work within. It’s an excellent idea for keeping an understandable and useful order throughout the product life cycle.

We’ve been around from the early PDM days and so has many of our co workers,
to say we have extensive experience in this field is not an overstatement.

Our passion for PLM is also reflected in our lean and efficient administration.
We believe that minimizing overhead costs is the foundation for building long-term business relationships.

We provide consultants from all over the world for our customers and firmly believe that globalizing our business will help strengthen our position in the automotive industry.

Customers benefit from hiring highly qualified and experienced consultants for a cost efficient rate.

Our consultants are well-compensated and have flexible working arrangements which are key parameters for long-term employment. All this is possible by keeping overhead costs low (home-working, low-cost advertisement, lean administration etc) while still maintaining sustainable returns and profits for the company.

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Process Development
Project Management
System Maintenance
TeamCenter, Catia
Business Analyst
System Support
Process Owner